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Children's Activity Descriptions


KIDO is a new and exciting form of yoga tailored to improve your child's co-ordination, flexibility and general wellbeing. KIDO is essentially centred around fun. Children can expect to laugh and rhythm their way through a thoroughly enjoyable exercise session.

Gymnastics (Tumbling Tots)

Tumbling Tots embraces your child's sense of adventure. Encouraging them to tumble their way through, under and over obstacles. Tumbling Tots offers you're child a great introduction to the world of gymnastics.

Mini Kickers

Whether its diving to save the day or kicking, heading and running their way to success, this season offers it all. Learn the ins and outs of the beautiful game under the careful guidance of Coventry's best football coach.

Kids Football

A chance for your child to blaze their way through to goal and learn to shoot and score from the best. A fun session for all, which promises to give your child all the tools they need to succeed on the pitch.


A great session to help your child develop self-confidence, discipline, fitness and co-ordination whilst learning the art of boxing. Your child can duck, weave and jab under the careful watch of an experienced instructor.

Jiu Jitsu

Labelled the most effective martial art, 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' sessions are here to help develop your child's fitness, co-ordination and flexibility. This fun session is a chance to equip your child with the discipline and confidence to be able to learn the art of submissions, pins and locks, guided by an experienced instructor.

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