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Group Exercise Class Guide

Inspire Fitness offers a variety of group exercise classes focusing on 5 key characteristics.

Classes are suitable for all levels and abilities, unless specified. If you are unsure or new to a class and would like advice on class intensities please speak to the instructors.

Tone & Strength

Ashtanga Yoga:

A perfect introduction to a more advanced form of yoga.

Body Pump:

A great workout using weights for all major muscle groups.


An all over body workout using a large gym ball, focusing on toning, core strength and stability.

Fitness Pilates:

Help further develop your core strength, mobility and flexibility with the use of small equipment.

Legs, Bums and Tums:

A complete lower body work out for all those problem areas.

Power Pump:

Similar to body pump, weights class for a full body workout.

Spiritual Warrior Yoga:

A spiritually uplifting class suitable for beginners.

Re-energise and Relax


Help create leaner and stronger muscles around the torso.

Tai Chi:

A low impact aerobic exercise suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Will help improve your posture, focus and balance.


Concentrate on bringing balance and harmony to both body and mind.

Cardio Workout


A fun and invigorating workout in the water designed to effectively burn calories with minimal impact on the body.


A martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in an elegant and magnetic way to improve self-confidence and fitness goals.

Cardio Tone:

A hard core aerobic and conditioning class - it does the job.

Easy Does It:

Get back into exercise and maintain a good level of fitness. Feel more flexible, stronger and well balanced.


Combines the best elements of indoor cycling and aquafit to provide a work out that incorporates the key elements of cardio, strength and endurance – and is fun.

Indoor Cycling:

Classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, using a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel.

Prime Time:

A low impact class, stay healthy and make friends.

Step & Tone:

Challenges the heart and lungs whilst toning legs and bum.

Stomp FX:

Focuses on basic, athletic programming which allows you to switch off your head and turn up the workout. Using a step, this multi-peak workout shreds fat and boosts fitness through a series of results- focused cardio conditioning sessions

Let’s Dance

Line Dancing:

Learn the steps that made it a world wide sensation, a great way to improve your co-ordination.

Sequence Dancing:

A great place to meet new friends whilst learning and practising dance routines.


This hip swivelling workout combines all flavours of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin dance all in one dance session.

Zumba Smooth:

Suitable for new comers to zumba – a bit more chilled out with simpler dance steps.

Full Body Workout

20/20/20 Total Fitness:

A combination of 3 different disciplines to help torch body fat and improve fitness levels. A mixture of Indoor Cycling, Kettlebells, Insanity, Body Pump or A deck of cards.

20/20/20 Conditioning & Toning:

A combination of 3 different disciplines to help condition the body and tone up on much needed areas of the body. A mixture of Circuits, Legs, Bums & Tums, Zumba, Clubercise, Pilates or Step & Tone, the instructor will provide an enjoyable and effective class to help you reach your goals.

Body Blast:

A total body workout with the end goal to leave you feeling wiped out.

Boxercise/Boxfit/Boxing Club:

Uses boxing moves in a circuit, with pads and gloves, effectively toning your upper and lower body.


Exercise circuits to get the heart rate up using the whole body.

Xtreme Circuits:

Similar to circuit training but focuses moves towards toning with the ability to slow down exercise moves & allow the exerciser to “Feel the Burn”.

Kettle Iron Circuit:

Improve your strength, mobility and balance, sculpt muscles and blast fat, all with one workout.


THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout. Designed to shape & sculpt your body for rapid fat loss & a lean toned body.

Matrix Circuits:

A full body workout using weight training exercises.


Combines simple unchoreographed bodyweight exercises with high intensity interval training techniques to set the metabolism on fire.

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