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Group Exercise Class Guide

Inspire Fitness offers a variety of group exercise classes focusing on 5 key characteristics.

Classes are suitable for all levels and abilities, unless specified. If you are unsure or new to a class and would like advice on class intensities please speak to the instructors.

Tone & Strength


An all over body workout using a large gym ball, focusing on toning, core strength and stability.

Strength and Conditioning:

A focused class using equipment and bodyweights specifically designed to strengthen, sculpt and condition the body.

Trim & Tone:

A great workout using weights for all major muscle groups.

Re-energise and Relax


Help create leaner and stronger muscles around the torso.

Tai Chi:

A low impact aerobic exercise suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Will help improve your posture, focus and balance.


Concentrate on bringing balance and harmony to both body and mind.

Cardio Workout


An all out core workout designed to improve and strengthen your mid-section with the added cardio moves to get your heart pumping.

Indoor Cycling:

Classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, using a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel.

Let’s Dance


This hip swivelling workout combines all flavours of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin dance all in one dance session.

Full Body Workout

Running Club:

This running club will help improve your running by increasing confidence, fitness, technique, maintaining weight and general love for running, so that you can potentially take part in running events/competitions. This takes part in all weather conditions.

Legs, Bums, Tums:

Legs Bums and Tums is a full body aerobic workout; that aims to tone up those hard to hit areas of your thighs, bum and stomach. It is great for those who wish to lose weight or even for those who simply want to improve their fitness levels. The class generally starts with an upbeat vibe to warm up that body and get it moving, then progress to floor work and feel the burn for an exciting hour.

Burn & Define:

Burn & Define: A full body workout using weight training exercises.

30/30 Total Fitness:

Get ready to torch calories and boost endorphins with 30 minutes of high intensity training combined with 30 minutes of a complete full body toning session. Join for half or all of the class.

Beginners Circuit Class:

Any level of fitness welcome for this introductory 45 mins circuit class. A fun & exciting confidence boosting circuit class; which will get you fit and confident in no time..

Boxercise/Boxfit/Boxing Club:

Uses boxing moves in a circuit, with pads and gloves, effectively toning your upper and lower body.


Exercise circuits to get the heart rate up using the whole body.


Improve your strength, mobility and balance, sculpt muscles and blast fat, all with one workout.

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